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She's 18
Most people shout, kick or scream when they're overjoyed; she stays silent. Sitting in a thin, white petticoat with a bow on the left, on crisp sheets that smell of jasmine; her knees pulled to her chest, her chin resting in them, she hums his favourite song. She's 18 and clueless, she's 18 and lost, she's 18 and madly in love.
Her skin in soft and her hair wet, oh, she's so plain – she used to mind it, but not anymore. She waits for her heart to usher itself to a stop, it beats rapaciously. The thrill still lingers in the tips of her fingers, burns down the side of her neck.
She throws herself back and grins. She giggles like a child on a carousel, like a thief with his prize, like a girl with a dirty, filthy secret. Her eyes close and a reel of the night starts to play as the curtains of her memory draw apart. So vivid, so real, so passionate – all of it is such a riveting novelty, it sends goose bumps down her bare legs.
She's 18 and flustered, she's 18 and insatiable. She
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The Tables Had Turned
A wet dog now sits by my side, smelling of grass and damp mud. He usually runs to the house when it starts to rain, but not this time. It did not begin slow and fragile, like always; a water bomb exploded. The static lightening made for a phenomenal entrance, against a suddenly graphite sky. He looked up in fear, awe and in just the same amount of puzzlement. He and I both knew the downpour today was different.
God had had a fit.
I called to the dazed animal, failing to notice that he had already begun to step backwards cautiously. The winds ran ferociously, but they were running scared too. I'm positioned to believe, they were fleeing from the storm that was to follow. By now, Leigh was racing towards me with an almost senile grin on his aging face. When under the patio roof, he barked, snarled and growled at the firmament, the wind, perhaps even God.
We watched those holy tears slowly shroud our yielding fields and pathways. The maker was furious, yes. He probably realized what a dis
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It Wasn't Stolen
      I sat at the edge of his bare bed. My naked, cold body wrapped in his teal cotton sheet.  It was dark  but the moon shone pallid beams of light through his open window.  He was asleep lying on his side. The moonlight bounced off his nude, caramel, sculpted form. I saw what had become of our study-in. I felt it too, tonight. I was in awe of his moulded contours. That aside, I felt nothing else for him. No love, no infatuation. Nothing.
      We were but friends, partners in crime but, we drew a line and knew well not to cross it. Yet, he had now taken from me my most precious and coveted possession. Proof stained his covers red.
      His breath came out in harsh grunts on my neck.
      He bit my lower lip fiercely.
      His fingers grabbed and squeezed ferociously.
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3 by the-scar-theory 3 :iconthe-scar-theory:the-scar-theory 1 2 Take That by the-scar-theory Take That :iconthe-scar-theory:the-scar-theory 2 0
The Painter.
The Painter.
      I look in the mirror and all I see is an emaciated, unnatural, ashen figure looking back.
     Thin, wispy, orange hair decorates the crown of my head. I do not like it very much. It always reminds me of the fire in your eyes, even though I have been in darkness for months now.  
     "You did this to me"
     Come now.
     My gaunt fingers sooth my quivering, chapped lips. They brush my bony cheeks and my deepened sockets, these grey cavities bare my bulging eyes.  I can count the cartilage rings of my trachea. My ribs made hollow shelves in my chest.  
     "They've become defined; you are bound to find them gorgeous."
     My retracted stomach and my skeletal hips too.
     From my protruding sho
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At Her Funeral by the-scar-theory At Her Funeral :iconthe-scar-theory:the-scar-theory 2 2


Evil and Love by Wacia Evil and Love :iconwacia:Wacia 443 41 eye colors sphere by zerrschmetterling eye colors sphere :iconzerrschmetterling:zerrschmetterling 28 2 Jesse 56 by DirtyRainbowBitch Jesse 56 :icondirtyrainbowbitch:DirtyRainbowBitch 3 2
To: a Lover
Dearest lover,
I'm deeply sorry - sorry I ruined your life, crushed your hopes and made you mine - it's just that...
I love you
...I lie.
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Mature content
she's got it all :iconmaireemargaret:MaireeMargaret 5 8
Light Bulbs in The Sky by reening Light Bulbs in The Sky :iconreening:reening 16 6
It's funny.
How things can end up sour in a heartbeat.
How things can suffer slowly.
How no one cannot accept defeat.
Wouldn't you feel weak?
If you always blamed yourself?
When your spit turns to acid?
And how your muscles start to ache.
It burns a hole.
In your throat.
In your heart.
In your stomach.
In your soul.
It lays itself against the back of your throat.
And sizzles.
All the hurtful words.
Who's to blame?
Why does your chest hurt?
Every time you want to change?
Why does your head feel heavy?
And your feet unstable?
That blank stare isn't fooling anyone.
You're fiddling with your fingers,
Trying to figure out what to say.
While you keep the monsters at bay...
The hole in the throat grows,
And the heart grows with it.
You feel sick.
You feel torn.
Well. Look what you've done?
Everything you've ever dreamed of.
Long live the imagination.
That's all you've got.
Because the hole in your throat,
It's starting to show.
It's quite noticeable.
That just shows how much you know.
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more balloons by Fauxtographyy more balloons :iconfauxtographyy:Fauxtographyy 46 7 .feathers. by Bandea-photos .feathers. :iconbandea-photos:Bandea-photos 226 16 Disco Balls by NatVon Disco Balls :iconnatvon:NatVon 42 2 glitter by heyapaleface glitter :iconheyapaleface:heyapaleface 485 42 Staring by InSanE-pz Staring :iconinsane-pz:InSanE-pz 3 3
peter rabbit
I remember them well.
My tea tasted warm in its cup (I usually use a mug, but that day, less was more). I had no headache, no heartbreak, no affliction of any kind, yet I was the other kind of deceased, with whom nonchalance had played a nasty game. I didn't like the world around me, because the world returned that favor.
In the dark outside, silence filled every crevice of suburbia. It lurked in the bins, in the crack-painted white fences, even within the dull-green trees, whose faint silhouettes were long and lithe limbed against the indigo and beyond. And within this stoic hush-hush I felt knives.
In the house next door, she appeared behind the curtains, phone to her ear, confused, slightly smiling. Her eyes were looking out the window, to the pavement under my house and she would shake her head at the voice talking like they could see her disapproval. She was waiting, I could tell. The lights were on in her room, but off in mine. I was curious, so I left it like that.
When the call
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fashion cat 2 by rami777 fashion cat 2 :iconrami777:rami777 1,902 468
Inside of my bedroom, all covered in blood, I shot my poor boyfriend with a 44 stud.
I went to his funeral, I went to his grave. Some people threw flowers, so I threw a grenade.
He got up and chased me; I thought he was dead, so you know what I did?
I took my bazooka and blew off his head.
:iconsuicidalhalo666:suicidalhalo666 239 163
How it is
It's silent where i whisper,
and my heart calls out your name,
it's harder than i ever thought,
for things to stay the same.
It's hard to watch the night sky,
the blanket above us here,
but the stars and moon above me,
are above you so you feel near.
It's heartbreaking to watch it,
the seconds ticking by,
every moment i wait for you,
than never know you i'd rather die.
It's different then how i imagined,
falling in love, so to speak,
but i'd fall and fall all over again,
until it made me weak.
It's better then i ever thought,
and i just can't wait in que,
i just want you to hold me close,
and whisper 'i love you'.
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United Arab Emirates


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hi omg your in cambridge :D i know nathan (random) but ya
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